Paige’s Princess Foundation is wrapping up our most successful year ever with being able to provide direct assistance to over 60 families.  We continue to provide support to Cincinnati Children’s Occupational and Physical Therapy department with the majority of our grants.  We expanded our reach at the hospital this year by also providing a live performance of Sleeping Beauty to the patients at the hospital.  The performance by the Cincinnati Children’s Theatre was also streamed and recorded throughout the hospital so that patients could continue to enjoy it as they rest and recover.


Paige’s Princess Foundation was also able to donate resource boxes to every classroom at Paige’s school, Wyandot Elementary in Lakota.  These resources boxes will enable students needing extra assistance to have access inside their classrooms versus having to travel to their special education rooms.  This initiative was so successful that we were also able to connect with Bowman Elementary in Lebanon to also provide their school with resource boxes.


We will also have our first annual Gratitude Event where we invited supporters and grant recipients to a Princess Tea Party to celebrate the support and love that we have felt all year.

Paige’s Princess Foundation was able to work with 45 families to provide needed therapeutic resources and services.  We delivered adaptive bicycles, iPads as well as supported hippotherapy, music therapy and traditional therapies.  We were also able to partner with Camp Joy to provide all-terrain wheel chairs for campers to better experience the camp grounds. 


We sponsored a special needs resource fair at Mason Community Center as well as partnered with their aquatics program to provide adaptive swim lessons to our recipients.


In honor of Paige’s birthday, we hosted a birthday party at The Little Gym where we collected toys (for therapy) for Cincinnati Children’s.


Paige’s Princess Run kicked off as a fundraiser for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Occupational and Physical Therapy Department.  With over 1000 attendees at Paige’s Princess Run, we were able to donate over $37,000 to the department which is the largest private donation ever earmarked for OT/PT.



Paige’s Princess Foundation kicked off their first full year as a public charity by working to get our name out and assisting 40 families with their needs.  We gained many partners to ensure that quality care is available to the many families that we serve.


We were also honored by the hospital as a finalist for the “Making a Difference” award.